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Air cooled chillers

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Daikin air cooled chillers provide the ideal cooling solution for both commercial and industrial applications


Your benefits

Wide range of products

Thanks to an extensive product line-up for medium- to large-scale facilities, you can be sure to find the right model.

Application versatility

Daikin brings energy efficiency to a wide range of process cooling applications, for all conditions and cooling requirements.

Energy and cost savings

Daikin’s cutting edge technology achieves energy-saving operation and outstanding cost saving performance.

High operation efficiency

With meticulous attention to fine-tuning each facet of operation, Daikin combines unmatched performance with economical operation.



Additional Information

A world leading development center

Daikin’s Applied Development Centre is the world's most advanced facility for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) research and development.


At the heart of every Daikin chiller is our uniquely advanced compressor. Combined with inverter technology, it guarantees optimum efficiency in any application.


Daikin chillers are developed for R-407C, R-410A and R-134a refrigerants - the most common refrigerants in the market. And in terms of energy efficiency and environmental impact, the best.