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Configurator software v2.5.0 - For Daikin Altherma LT and VRV IV outdoor units

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The Daikin Configurator can configure following appliances: 

  • The Daikin Altherma low temperature split units
  • The VRV IV outdoor units

Latest available version: Configurator v2.5.0.

Same features as previous version.

Database updates: 

- Added new Air conditioning units:

    AC\01: add RXYTQ*T* (ID4944)
    AC\03: RXYSCQ(4/5)*TMV1B* & RXYSQ(4/5/6)T7(V/Y)1B (VRV model code 5081)
    AC\04: RXYSQ8TMY1B (VRV model code 5082)
    AC\05: RXYSQ(10/12)TMY1B (VRV model code 5083)

- Added new Daikin heating units (Heating\02)

    EHV/BX-H_CB: Daikin Altherma low temperature split
    EB/DLQ_CA: Daikin Altherma monoblock
    EHVZ_CB:Daikin Altherma low temperature split (integrated bizone kit)

- Added compatible heating hydro software (ID4302 & ID4562 & Altherma model code 0101)

- Added compatible heating userinterface software (V01.15.00 & V01.16.00)

* Attention for Hybrid & Ground source units*

New software was introduced with following setting changes:
- New setting [9-0D] (Pumpspeed limitation)
- Extended range for settings [0-02] [0-03] [ 0-0D] [0-0E] [1-00] [1-01] (Weather dependent related settings)

In the configurator both settings (existing and new) can be set.
But in case the new settings are not existing in a setting file (eg due to a download), these new settings can be automatically put to minimum range value.

Make sure to double check the existing and new settings values in the configurator before uploading.

Download software (5 MB - )

Download instruction manual (EN)

Download instruction manual (other languages)

Features and release notes

Download the features and release notes.

Features and release notes (1 MB - PDF)

Split / Sky air / Multi selection tool

Multi selection tool

The Daikin Multi Selection tool is an online software to help users to make a selection for multisplit combinations.

The tool helps the user in selecting the correct units and piping lengths. 

After the selection is done, the efficiency data and energy label of the generated combination are available to the user. This way, users can play with their selection to make sure they have selected the most efficient combination to meet their requirements.

Multisplit selection tool

Seasonal Calculator - Sky air

Seasonal Calculator site

Seasonal efficiency is a new energy efficiency measure that will be the standard as of 2013. A true monumental change. Products optimized for seasonal efficiency consume less energy and put less burden on the environment. And on your wallet. At Daikin we already go seasonal today. That is why we are the first in the industry to launch products optimized for seasonal efficiency.  Energy efficiency is no longer a blind spot. Use our Seasonal Calculator to see how the new Seasonal Smart and Seasonal Classic perform and to discover the new features of these products.

Ventilation Xpress

Ventilation Xpress

  • A user friendly selection tool for ventilation devices VAM and VKM. 
  • The selection logic is based on given supply/extract airflows (including fresh up), and given ESP of the supply/extract ducting.
    The user can determine the size of electrical heaters, visualize the psychrometric chart, visualize the selected configuration and report the field settings for installers

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  • Professional design and simulation program for VRV systems with complete project description.
    User can calculate load, select the proper VRV system for the project and simulate to get an energy report. 
  • The software enables engineering of VRV systems taking into account the complex piping rules while ensuring optimum operating cycles and maximum energy efficiency.
    Designers can make accurate selections and get competitive quotations for each project. 

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VRV Q Series Comparator

VRV Q Series Comparator

  • The VRV Q series comparator is an excel application that enables you to quickly evaluate the best replacement option for your old VRV R22 installation.
  • The user input the current installation and the application gives an overview of the possible replacement options such as replacement of the whole system and replacement of outdoor unit only

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VRV Xpress

VRV Xpress - For VRV systems

Xpress is a flexible design software to optimise equipment selection in cost and it enables you to make a high efficient building design

Xpress is a software tool that allows creating on the spot quotations for a Daikin VRV or CMS System.
It provides a result in 7 steps to enable a professional budget quotation:

  1. Select indoor units
  2. Connect outdoor units to indoor units
  3. Automatic generation of piping diagram with joints
  4. Automatic generation of wiring diagram
  5. Select possible centralised control systems
  6. Visualise result in MS Word, MS Excel and AutoCAD
  7. Save project

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BIM objects (Revit ®)

Building information modelling objects

We are currently building and maintaining the most comprehensive library of high quality Building Information Modeling (BIM) models for our HVAC products in support of our building owner, architect, MEP and contractor customers using Autodesk® Revit.
The entire library is available through

Updates will be automatically available via this library.