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Ceiling mounted corner cassette
1-way blow unit for corner installation


General Information

Product features

  • Compact dimensions, can easily be mounted in a narrow ceiling void (only 220mm ceiling space required, 195 with panel spacer, available as accessory)
  • Optimum air flow conditions are created by either downward air discharge or frontal air discharge (via optional grille) or a combination of both
  • Maintenance operations can be performed by removing the front panel
  • Standard drain pump with 330mm lift increases flexibility and installation speed


InverterInverter compressors continuously adjust compressor speed to actual demand. Fewer power-consuming starts and stops result in decreased energy consumption (up to 30%) and more stable temperatures. Home leave operationMaintains the indoor temperature at your specified comfort level during absence, thus saving energy Fan onlyThe unit can be used as fan, blowing air without heating or cooling. Draught preventionWhen starting to warm up or when the thermostat is off, the air discharge direction is set horizontally and the fan to low speed, to prevent draught. After warming up, air discharge and fan speed are set as desired. Auto cooling-heating changeoverAutomatically selects heating or cooling mode to achieve the set temperature. Ceiling soiling preventionPrevents air from blowing out too long in horizontal position, to prevent ceiling stains. Vertical auto swingPossibility to select automatic vertical moving of the air discharge flaps for efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room. Fan speed stepsAllows to select up to the given number of fan speed.(2 steps) Dry programmeAllows humidity levels to be reduced without variations in room temperature. Air filterRemoves airborne dust particles to ensure a steady supply of clean air. Weekly timerCan be set to start heating or cooling anytime on a daily or weekly basis.(optional) Infrared remote controlStarts, stops and regulates the air conditioner from a distance.(optional) Wired remote controlStarts, stops and regulates the air conditioner.(optional) Centralised controlStarts, stops and regulates several air conditioners from one central point.(optional) Auto-restartThe unit restarts automatically at the original settings after power failure. Self diagnosisSimplifies maintenance by indicating system faults or operating anomalies. Drain pump kitFacilitates condensation draining from the indoor unit.(standard)

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Product specifications

Technical Details