VRV-Q replacement solutions

VRV replacement technology

For older Daikin VRV and non-Daikin VRF systems, VRV-Q allows you to upgrade the outdoor unit to a Heat Pump VRV-Q, which can deliver 50% lower running costs than an older R22 system.

VRV IV replacement technology

Achieve further efficiency increases of up to 28% with the new VRV IV-Q:

  • Patented VRT technology adapts the system to maximise comfort and efficiency
  • Offers even simpler installation and commissioning
  • Enhances diagnostic ability with the use of the configurator
  • Coming September 2013

What should be replaced ?

1. Replace outdoor unit

2. Replace BS-boxes (in case of H/R)

3. Replace indoor units (only needed in case older than K-series). R-22 and R-410A indoor units cannot be combined.

4. The system will automatically clean the piping & charge the correct amount of R-410A refrigerant.

R22-VRV-Q replacement technologies

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