Replacement solutions

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Replacement solutions are available that provide cost-effective and highly energy efficient upgrades for existing R22 and R-407C systems. Yet their installed cost could be up to 50% lower compared with installing a new system.

A range of replacement options is available. So plan for change now, to manage budgets and integrate upgrades into planned building works.



Key benefit

Total system replacement including wiring and controls

The most up to date technology with the lowest running costs

Replace outdoor units only

Significantly reduced installation and running costs

Replace outdoor and indoor units

Reduced installation cost and lowest running cost without replacing the whole system


How do Daikin replacement solutions work?

Daikin replacement solutions utilise R-410A, which has zero ozone depletion potential. The replacement upgrade automatically cleans the piping of an existing R22 or R-407C system so it is suitable for reuse and charges it with R-410A refrigerant. As a result, no new copper piping is required. This innovative solution minimises waste and increases energy efficiency, thus reducing CO2 emissions

Benefits of Daikin replacement solutions

  • Lower running costs
  • Increased system capacity using original piping
  • Planned downtime minimises operational impact
  • Installation schedule can be phased to suit your requirements
  • Re-use existing pipework – quicker & simpler installation
  • Even indoor units can sometimes be reused
  • R22 or R-407C replacement systems available for Split, Sky Air and VRV systems
  • Our technology can also replace other manufacturers’ equipment

Why choose Daikin replacement solutions?

Daikin is the world’s leading specialist in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) solutions

  • HVACR is our sole focus: we have 90 years’ expertise in the market
  • We lead industry innovation to maximise efficiency and comfort
  • You can trust us to deliver the best solution for your needs