Low running costs for space heating

The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump always selects the most economical operation mode, calculating the efficiency of the heat pump and the electricity price versus the efficiency of the condensing boiler and the gas price possibbly in simultaneous operation.
Taking an average European climate, the largest part of the required heat output is covered by the hybrid and heat pump operation, resulting in up to 35% more heating efficiency resulting in lower running costs.

… and for domestic hot water

The domestic hot water is heated using gas condensing technology: cold tap water flows directly into a special dual heat exchanger that allows optimal and continuous condensing of the flue gases during domestic hot water preparation, resulting in an efficiency increase of up to 15% compared to traditional gas condensing boilers, leading to a decrease in running costs.
Additionally, thanks to the hybrid principle, when space heating is provided by the heat pump, domestic hot water can be simultaneously provided by the condensing technology, resulting in optimal comfort.

Limited investment cost

  • No need to replace the existing radiators (up to 80°C) and pipe work
  • The space needed for the new system is very similar to that of an existing system thanks to our compact design
  • When replacing your existing gas boiler, there is no need to change your piping or chimney

Easy and fast installation

The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is delivered as three large components:

  • heat pump outdoor unit
  • heat pump indoor unit
  • gas condensing boiler
… making them easy to handle and manipulate, and easier to install.
The heat pump indoor unit is simple to mount on the wall with a standard back plate. Then, with quick interconnections, the gas condensing boiler is attached to it, resulting in a very compact unit. All the connections are at the bottom and all the components can be accessed from the front, which makes the unit easy to service and maintain.

Ideal for renovation

Several applications are possible using the Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump as all heat loads are covered up to 32 kW.
The gas boiler can be installed without the heat pump in the early stages, in order to quickly restart heating in the case of a breakdown of the existing gas boiler.