Why a new label?

The European Commission has set challenging targets for improving energy efficiency in the EU. These so-called 20-20-20 targets aim at a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions, 20% more renewable energy and a 20% reduction in the use of primary energy, all by the year 2020.


Minimum efficiency requirements

Logo-CETo realise these objectives, Europe issued the Eco-Design Directive. This sets minimum efficiency requirements for energy related products. The method used to measure this performance for air conditioners below 12kW has changed to better reflect real-life conditions.

The result is a new energy label for EU. From 2013, products unable to comply with the minimum efficiency requirement (such as non-inverter air conditioners) will lose their CE marking and thus may no longer bes sold in Europe.

Minimum Seasonal efficiency requirements (if GWP > 150)

From 1/1/2013From 1/1/2014
SEER  <6kW3,64,6
6-12 kW3,64,3
SCOP  <6kW3,43,8
6-12 kW3,43,8

Maximum sound power levels dB(A)
Indoor  ≤6kW
6-12 kW
Outdoor  ≤6kW
6-12 kW