Wall mounted air conditioning units
CTXS/FTXS-K series

Optimal design and comfort for the whole home

The CTXS/FTXS-K series is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Thanks to its smooth curves and flowing lines, it blends beautifully with contemporary bedrooms and living areas. The sleek, streamlined contours were created to suit all modern interiors. This minimalistic and modern design ensures the CTXS/FTXS-K series adds a touch of discreet style to any room in your home.

Integrated design

Wall mounted small air conditioning units CTXS/FTXS-K series

Excellence is in the details. That's why the wall mounted unit’s sleek and functional design is completed with a high-quality finish. The matt crystal white colour gives the indoor unit a fresh and refined appearance. Concealed pre-cuts for bottom and side piping ensure that the CTXS/FTXS-K series integrates cleanly with your interior decoration.

Remote controller

Want to make your room comfortable at the touch of one single button? No problem, the CTXS/FTXS-K series comes with a user-friendly remote control. Developed with the same care and attention as the smooth and sleek indoor unit, the remote control also features a minimalistic, modern design. Both available in a high quality matt crystal white finish, the remote controller and the indoor unit form a perfect match.

Blissfully quiet

Silence is essential for a good night's rest. Daikin has gone to great lengths to help you sleep comfortably and undisturbed. The result is an indoor unit that operates almost unnoticed. The noise produced amounts to barely 19 dBA, as soft as a whisper. Sleep tight!

Top Performance

Thanks to Daikin's never-ending quest for greater efficiency, the CTXS/FTXS-K series achieves top performance. The inverter controlled unit adjusts the power used to suit the actual requirement. This delivers significant energy-savings while maximising comfort, as the room temperature is maintained at a constant level. As a result, the CTXS/FTXS-K series delivers top performance with seasonal energy efficiency ratings up to A++.

The right indoor for the right room

We have a full range of wall units to provide optimal design and comfort in any room in your home.
Our small wall mounted units are optimised for the modern bedroom, our larger wall mounted units deliver perfect comfort to your living area.

Energy saving features


To further enhance the comfort and efficiency of the CTXS/FTXS-K series, the intelligent eye presence detector, economy mode setting and weekly timer all deliver significant energy savings.