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Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units

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Daikin air handling units deliver greater indoor air quality with greater energy efficiency. They’re available as both fully customizable systems or pre-defined units.

Your benefits

Flexible range

Daikin’s wide range of air handlers offer a flexible solution for every aspect of air comfort.

Space saving

A wide range of Daikin products can be installed outdoors - to help you free up valuable indoor space.

Long product life

Daikin make extensive use of polyurethane panels, to significantly improve durability. 

Quick delivery

A modular design enables surprisingly fast deliveries, even for custom-made solutions.

Overview air handling units


  • Warehousing

    By controlling temperature and humidity levels more effectively, you can ensure goods are stored in the correct environment – and make huge energy savings.

  • Manufacturing

    An integrated approach to equipment cooling, refrigeration and air handling – that delivers huge energy savings for your manufacturing operation.

  • Data centres

    Dependable and highly efficient server cooling systems that can reduce your data centre’s massive power consumption.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Daikin’s highly efficient and customized air handling solutions offer precise control of humidity and air quality within your pharmaceutical operations.

  • Petrochemical

    Daikin offers tailor-made applied systems for temperature & humidity control, air filtration, purification and pressurisation within petrochemical plants.