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Industrial Condensing Units

Daikin Industrial Condensing Units

Daikin offers a full range of high capacity air cooled condensing units, which provide the ideal low or medium temperature refrigeration solution for large operations such as supermarkets, food processing plants, cold stores, blast freezers and distribution centres. Compact, efficient and very quiet in operation, Daikin industrial condensing units are competitively priced and highly reliable, while being easy to install and maintain.

High efficiency refrigeration

Daikin industrial condensing units deliver high energy efficiency and performance, thanks to efficient J&E Hall single screw compressors, a high performance condenser and economiser function.

Energy efficient performance

Daikin industrial condensing units are extremely energy efficient and economical, with a sliding valve or inverter controlled compressor(s) for adaptable cooling capacity.

Space saving solution

Designed for outdoor use, Daikin industrial condensing units have a small footprint and require less pipework than standard units. They are easy to install, even where space is restricted, and there’s no need to build a plant room.

Remote failure protection

A PID Controller with remote connection possibilities manages the compressor capacity and fan condenser modulation, protecting critical components in response to external signals from system sensors, guaranteeing continuous operation of the unit.

Electrical Control Panel

The IP54 rated electrical power and control panel is manufactured to protect against all weather conditions and fitted with an interlocked door main isolator to prevent access while the power supply is on.

Product Features

  • Integrated control panel with electronic controller
  • High efficiency and robust single screw compressors
  • Sliding valve technology for variable cooling capacity
  • Vertical oil separator with dual safety pressure relief valve
  • Air cooled condenser
  • Condensing (head) pressure control
  • Large liquid receiver with dual safety pressure relief valves
  • Filter drier and liquid sight glass
  • Suction and delivery isolating valves and high pressure safety cut outs
  • Pressure transducers for LP and oil pressure cut out
  • Starter and control panel (suction pressure control) incorporating electronic controller suitable for remote monitoring
  • Available for use with R-404A, R-507A, R-407C and R-134a refrigerant
  • Pressure Equipment Directive qualified
  • Low sound level unit 

Optional Features

  • Variable speed inverter drive for the compressor
  • Variable condenser fan speed
  • Economiser (sub cooler)
  • Optional standby compressor on single compressor systems
  • Sound reduction kits can be supplied to attain lower sound levels