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Food processing

Food processing and storage

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Daikin offers a wide range of reliable refrigeration solutions for every stage of food cultivation and production: from chilling production lines and cooling during storage, to freezing finished products.

Your benefits

Application flexibility

Capable of cooling to -45°C, Daikin’s range delivers low temperatures to suit your situation. Thanks to the constant temperature, even easily perishable products stay fresh longer.

Precise controls

Daikin chillers provide precise control of water temperatures during food production, for use in chilling processes and wider climate control of the production environment.

Reducing environmental impact

Daikin solutions can combine food processing refrigeration with heating, air conditioning and air handling systems  - to optimise energy efficiency within virtually any environment.

Low sound operation

Daikin solutions are compact and have low sound emissions, so they are ideal for urban environments where space and noise levels are often strictly limited.