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Ground source heat pump: heating and hot water from stable geothermal energy

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  • Technology:
    Uses inverter to provide an increase in seasonal efficiency of up to 20% compared to on/off system.
  • Efficiency:
    A renewable energy system unaffected by the outside temperature thanks to the usage of stable geothermal energy.
  • Applications:
    Suitable for new houses and renovations, especially in colder climates.

Your Benefits

Highest seasonal efficiency

The inverter heat pump technology can provide up to 20% greater seasonal efficiency than “on/off” ground source heat pumps.

Easy-to-use controller

A thermostat links the water temperatures automatically to the actual room temperature. The controller displays both the output and input energy of the unit. This helps you manage energy consumption more accurately and control costs.

Easy installation

The hot water tank is factory-fitted and light, with the connections on top. This makes shipping and installation easy. The integration of expansion vessels, security valves and filters inside the heat pump makes the installation clean.

Elegant design

Its high quality design helps the indoor unit blend in with other household units. The full integration of the heat pump module and the domestic hot water tank keeps the dimensions compact.

Easy installation

Heat pump
  • 1 indoor unit heat pump with integrated domestic hot water tank
  • connected to the space heat emitters in your home and to the domestic hot water system    
Domestic hot water
  • Factory-fitted domestic hot water tank to provide hot water at all times for single to multi-family houses, new builds and renovations.
Space heating
  • Under-floor heating
  • Low and high temperature radiators
  • Fan coil units
  • Heat pump convector
Ground collector
  • Either a vertical probe or a horizontal collector just below the surface. 
  • Connected to the heat pump unit inside the house. 

Ground source heat pump: how does it work?

Ground Source Heat pump - indoor unit
  • The Daikin ground source heat pump makes use of geothermal energy
  • Even in the coldest climates geothermal heat is present in the ground with fairly constant temperature of 10°C at a depth of 15 metres. 
  • The ground source heat pump uses this trapped energy to heat the home. 

The Daikin inverter heat pump technology has been shown to provide an increase in seasonal efficiency of up to 20% when compared to traditional on/off ground source heat pumps. 
  • The brine, a water/anti-freeze mixture that operates as heat transfer medium between the ground and the heat pump, is kept at a higher, stable temperature
  • The back-up operation is reduced to a minimum
  • High operating efficiencies of the compressor are also reached when the unit is not operating at full capacity
Ground source - case study - Operation ON/OFF  Ground source - case study - Operation Daikin unit - Inverter