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Condensing boilers

Reliable condensing boilers

Product Image Daikin condensing gas boilers are unlike any others on the market. Thanks to double condensation, hot flue gases pre-heat both the heating water and your hot water. The result is maximum comfort, efficiency and low running costs.

Your benefits

Low costs

Our new dual heat exchanger uses condensation to recover the maximum amount of heat. This means that you’ll enjoy low costs for both your heating and your hot water.

Maximum comfort

Our innovative gas-fired condensing boilers provide the greatest heating comfort as well as all the hot water you need in your home.

Modulating high efficiency boiler

The Daikin condensing gas boiler has an advanced modulating controller. This automatically adjusts how much heat the boiler produces, so that you can always maintain the temperature you want in your home.

Easy installation

Our optional, pre-assembled B-pack minimises installation time which is great for your installer and for you. With fewer parts, the boiler is faster installed and easier to service.

Condensing boiler technology

Condensing boiler technology cools the flue gases to the point that the steam they contain is condensed. The energy this generates is used as heating energy. So it’s good for the environment and good for your wallet.

Dual heat exchanger

1. With the first heat exchanger, maximum efficiency is reached when heating your home through condensation of the flue gases

Gas condensing - dual heat exchanger

Unique in the market: 

double condensation, not only for heating but also for domestic hot water resulting in low running costs

[Unique Daikin feature] 
2. Also when producing hot water the efficiency is maximised thanks to condensation with the unique second heat exchanger