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Commercial refrigeration

Daikin’s comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration solutions is suitable for many different environments – from convenience stores and supermarkets to cold storage warehouses, hotels and department stores. Whether you are looking for low temperature deep-freezers  or medium temperature refrigeration for  applications with fluctuating loads, Daikin offers an energy efficient solution for every commercial  refrigeration requirement. By integrating refrigeration within a wider air conditioning system using Daikin’s Conveni-pack solution, it is possible to achieve even higher energy efficiency levels, while reducing the outdoor footprint by up to 60%.

Reduced environmental footprint

By integrating all your commercial refrigeration, deep-freeze and air conditioning units, the footprint of the outdoor installation can be reduced by up to 60%, while direct and indirect CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced.

Reliable operation

Daikin’s fully packaged outdoor units are assembled and tested rigorously in our factories. The units are protected by weather resistant housing made of electro-galvanized steel with an anti-corrosion treatment, for a long-life even in severe weather conditions.

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