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Conveni-pack refrigeration helps retailers save energy

Retailers have a growing need for fresh goods, prepared meals and chilled drinks. But environmental restrictions are stricter than ever and energy costs must be kept under control. Conveni-pack offers a uniquely integrated approach to supermarket refrigeration and air conditioning, which minimises total energy demand.

Integrated refrigeration and air conditioning

Conveni-pack offers a versatile solution for medium and low temperature refrigeration, with integrated air conditioning (cooling and heating) and heat recovery. Conveni-pack recovers up to 100% of the heat extracted from supermarket refrigeration cases and re-uses it to heat the retail space at no additional cost, to improve comfort conditions in store.

Energy efficient heat recovery

By utilising heat recovery, together with optimised controls and state-of-the-art compressor technology, Conveni-pack reduces energy consumption by up to 50%. So it offers a highly efficient way to cut energy consumption and running costs, while also reducing associated CO2 emissions.

A flexible system for larger applications

Conveni-pack’s modular design means that it can be used for smaller as well as larger shops. The system can be connected to all grocery refrigeration applications and is supplied with a wide range of air conditioning indoor units to meet shop requirements. One or more outdoor units can be installed throughout the building, inside or outside.

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A compact solution

Conveni-pack is very compact with reduced piping requirements. As a result, it has a footprint 60% smaller than conventional grocery refrigeration systems, thus maximising the retail sales space available.

Complete capacity range

By combining Conveni-pack and ZEAS condensing units, the optimum total solution for supermarket refrigeration, heating and air conditioning can be provided for virtually any retail concept.

Flexible configurations

  • Multiple outdoor units can be positioned to make the best use of the space available: in blocks, rows or distributed around the building
  • Outdoor units can be positioned up to 35m above or 10m below the indoor units
  • The piping length can be up to 130m between the outdoor unit and the furthest refrigeration cabinet or air conditioning indoor unit
  • Thanks to High ESP fans, ducts can be connected to the Conveni-pack unit in order to allow installation of the unit inside a building

Quiet in operation

  • Ideal for densely populated urban areas, Conveni-pack is quiet in operation thanks to:
  • Specially designed sound-absorbent casing
  • Programmable night mode and various noise reduction modes available
  • The use of scroll compressors, which are much quieter than traditional compressors
  • Inverter control, which allows compressors to run at the lowest possible speed to meet cooling demand, improving overall noise levels 
  • Inverter driven fans with optimised blades and grills to reduce turbulence and noise
  • Inverter technology continually matches load requirements, delivering greater energy efficiency, 1/3rd less start-up time and fewer start/stop cycles.
  • Conveni-pack is a compact solution with simplified piping, offering excellent installation flexibility and a footprint 60% smaller than standard systems.
  • Conveni-pack has very low sound emissions, with an even quieter night time mode, so it operates within the strict noise level constraints of urban areas.