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Commercial Condensing Unit Solution

Daikin Commercial Condensing Units

Daikin offers a full range of condensing units for low and medium temperature commercial refrigeration. Daikin commercial condensing units are compact, efficient and very quiet in operation, providing the perfect solution for cold stores and freezer rooms, food retailers, restaurants and petrol station shops. Daikin condensing units combine efficiency and reliability with easy installation and maintenance, all at a competitive price.

High efficiency refrigeration

Daikin commercial condensing units deliver high energy efficiency and performance, thanks to efficient compressors and condenser fan speed control. So they can help reduce the energy consumption of food preparation and retailing operations.

Robust and reliable solution

Daikin commercial condensing units offer a compact and robust solution. Each fully packaged and factory tested unit has proven components and strong anti-corrosion housing, designed for outdoor use. So it will give many years of reliable performance, even in harsh environmental conditions.

Easy installation and servicing

The condensing unit is easy to install even in limited spaces, with a pre-wired electrical box for rapid commissioning. Accessible components and removable panels mean that servicing is easy too, with parts and support available throughout the Daikin network.

  • Commercial condensing units have low sound emissions, thanks to a sound-proof lining on the housing, compressor jacket and fan speed controller.
  • Access is easy for installation and maintenance, with external shut off valves and an IP55 rated switch box with main power switch.
  • The condensing unit has a weather proof design including housing made of epoxy powder coated steel and a condenser coil with anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Medium and low temperature models have a highly reliable reciprocating or scroll compressor, with crankcase heater.
  • The liquid receiver is designed for R-404A, R-134a* and R407C* refrigerants, fully factory tested and filled up with a protective charge