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Inverter driven

screw chiller for

high full and part

load efficiency /


Centralised controller with cloud connection

Product Image Commercial premises often have different zones, which have separate heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting needs, and they might require fire and security systems. Our intelligent Tablet Controller offers you the solution to control light commercial premises from one central point or in via the cloud.

Your benefits

Intuitive control

The intuitive touch screen makes control or you air conditioning very comprehensive and user-friendly. From a single centralised view the comfort and the energy saving can be optimised.

Energy consumption follow-up

You can spot and reduce energy waste by comparing and benchmarking different premises. Further you comply with energy follow-up legislation, reducing tax and investment costs.

Multi-site monitoring

Key account/technical managers use the Daikin Cloud Service for controlling and monitoring all their premises centrally, and installers/facility managers can check any errors remotely.


The centralised schedules ensure that only the essential lights, heating or cooling are functioning when required. This solution is optimised for light commercial applications.

Daikin Cloud service

 The Daikin Cloud Service has been designed to make building management even easier, no matter where you are:
  • Reduce your cost per square metre
  • Remain in control of your installation
  • Detect sources of energy waste and reduce energy use
  • Compare different sites to find heavy energy users and optimise their operation
  • Follow-up energy consumption


  • Banks & small offices

    The easy and intuitive Daikin intelligent Tablet Controller gives you local control which can be limited and integrated with HQ control and monitoring. Daikin Cloud Service’s secured communication ensures the security of the internal company network.
  • Retail & restaurants

    The Daikin intelligent Tablet Controller gives you central control which allows different zones to be set to different temperatures. The local control can be limited (amongst the staff) and integrated with HQ control and monitoring. Next to that, Daikin Cloud Service’s secured communication means your internal payment network is secure.
  • Residential

    The Daikin Cloud Service allows residents to control their systems from a central location thanks to the multi-site function.