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Reducing retail costs

Product Image Daikin offers a complete portfolio of products that will make your customers feel welcome and comfortable in your shop. Moreover, Daikin’s integrated solutions optimise your energy efficiency.

Your benefits

Integrated shop solutions

Daikin combines shop air conditioning, heating and ventilation, with refrigeration units, air curtains and intelligent controls into one integrated climate system.

Full solutions range

Daikin offers a complete portfolio of products to create a fully integrated solution that optimises energy efficiency. Your Daikin consultant can advise you on which solution is ideal for your store.

Compact solutions

Maximise your retail floorspace with Daikin’s wide range of cassette types, ceiling suspended models and concealed units. Daikin’s outdoor units also have a small footprint, making them ideal for densely populated areas – and can be installed indoors to comply with stringent noise regulations.

Intelligent energy saving

Daikin saves energy and reduces costs for any retailer, large or small.  Daikin’s products react intelligent to changing conditions and save energy without you having to act. Unique auto-cleaning cassettes, dedicated shop controls, heat recovery operation and fresh air free cooling are just some of the ways you can reduce running costs automatically.