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Reducing retail costs

Our solutions (air conditioning, ventilation, heating, ...) give you complete control over your retail environment, enabling you to create a welcoming, comfortable space that encourages your customers to linger, relax and spend more, while keeping your costs under control.

Daikin Cloud Service

Retail cloud service                                     The Daikin Cloud Service gives you access to manage multiple sites from where ever you are. Further it enables installers or technical managers to login in case of an alert to quickly react.

Delivering lower total cost of ownership

With Daikin you achieve the highest possible return on your investment. 

Especially for retail applications Daikin offers a series of energy saving products which pay back their moderate extra cost in a short time while at the same time they can secure life time cost savings of thousands of euros. One typical example of this concept is related to the cassette type indoor units which are commonly used in retail applications: the self cleaning cassette panel which has an uplift on price of a couple of hundred euros over the standard cassette panel, can pay back its cost up to 30 times through its life cycle. 

Also compared to other brands Daikin analysis shows the total cost of ownership is lower for Daikin systems.


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Delivering energy savings across the retail mix

A homeware chain adopted the latest generation VRV heat pump system, delivering a projected five year saving of €223.300 for just one store.

A retail giant in a shopping mall introduced a Sky Air system connected to a heat recovery air curtain to achieve 90% air separation efficiency. The solution is predicted to reduce running costs by up to 67% compared with an electrically heated air curtain.

A chain of local stores in city centers is trialling renewable technologies in five locations, with air-source heat pumps and solar thermal panels expected to provide between 60% and 100% of annual hot water and heating requirements.

Daikin products