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Cost-effective, high-performance cooling systems

Your business infrastructure requires a cooling system that ensures 24/7 operation from -15°C to 50°C, and maximises the uptime of your IT equipment and servers. Daikin does all of that while delivering the highest efficiency to help reduce your carbon footprint.

We offer unrivalled flexibility with our range of direct expansion and chilled water systems with a variety of standard included controls, or interfaces for integration in your own BMS.

Standard controls for Sky Air


Daikin’s standard remote controller offers: 

1. Integrated Duty Rotation /Standby control: after a certain period of time, the operating unit will go in standby and the standby unit will take over, prolonging the life of each system. 

2. Backup operation: if one unit fails, the other unit will automatically take over or start operating, delivering spare capacity for your mission critical operation.

Boosted Capacity Indoor Systems

Indoor systems selected for infrastructure cooling need to work harder to extract energy by cooling dry air. Therefore Daikin offers asymmetric combinations on it’s Sky Air DX range. By combining indoor systems with higher capacities than the outdoor systems, it will boost heat transfer at low relative humidity inside your IT or server rooms. At the same time it guarantees continuous operation and reduces unwanted dehumidifcation of the inside air in your IT or server environment. 

Flash-18savings In order to help minimise the evironmental impact, we as Daikin set the standard again and provide systems with seasonal energy labels up to A++ !

Why are assymetric combinations more efficient?

A++_infrastructure cooling